3 Things To Avoid After Having Botox Injections For Your Face

If you have recently had Botox injections to improve the skin elasticity and appearance of your face, you may wonder if there is anything you should not do while you are healing. If so, refer to the list below of things to avoid while you recover.

Don't Put Your Hands On Your Face

Whether you want to see how smooth your skin feels after the injections or you have some minor irritation and want to massage the area, avoid the temptation to put your hands on your face or rub your skin for a day or two. Touching the injection site could introduce bacteria, which could cause a serious skin infection.

Another reason you should avoid touching or massaging your face is that the Botox needs time to set up inside your skin's tissues. If you start rubbing the area too soon, it could spread to other areas of your face, leaving your skin appearing lumpy and misshapen. 

Don't Use Any Products On Your Skin Unless Prescribed

During the first few days, do not use any facial care products on your face unless they were specifically prescribed to you. This includes cleansers, moisturizers and chemical peels. 

You need to give the area time to heal, as well as let the Botox infuse into your tissue. If you use a product that reacts badly with the Botox, you could create a reaction that could either break down the Botox or severely irritate your skin.

Don't Resume Your Workouts Until A Few Days Have Passed

If you are used to working out every day, you may want to hold off for a few days after your injection. Increasing your activity level too soon can increase the amount of blood being circulated to your face, making it swell and causing you pain or discomfort.

You should also avoid working out until your Botox has set up to reduce the risk of it shifting under the skin. While working out, your body heats up, which could thin the Botox. When you combine that with rapid, sudden movements, the Botox could move and end up in an area on your face that you do not wish for it to be.

Avoiding the above activities can help your injection sites heal. However, if you have further questions or concerns, you may want to speak to the practitioner who performed your Botox injections to ask for further advice on how to care for your skin after the procedure.