3 Helpful Tips For Coloring Gray Hair

Has the top area of your hair become covered in a lot of gray hair that is noticeably different than the rest of your hair? If you are ready to go for a new look that is more appealing, there are a few different things that can be done. Take a look at this article for a few tips that you can consider when changing the look of your gray hair.

1. Use a Permanent Hair Dye

Hair coloring gray hair can be a difficult task because the strand does not have any pigment. Gray hair is also hard to color because of it being coarser than natural hair, which makes it hard for dye to penetrate through the strands. If you intend on coloring your own hair, it is in your best interest to opt for a permanent hair dye that contains ammonia. The reason ammonia is ideal for coloring gray hair is because it is able to penetrate through the cuticles and give greater color results. Permanent hair dye with ammonia is also a good option because it does not wash out fast like other hair dye types.

2. Color the Area of Your Hair That is Most Noticeable First

When coloring your gray hair, it is a good idea to start at the area of your hair that is most noticeable. For instance, the most noticeable area could be different for each individual because it is based on how you typically style your hair. If you wear your hair brushed back a lot, you should start at the very front of your hair, such as at the hairline. If you enjoy wearing your hair with a part in it, apply hair dye starting in the area of the usual part. The reason it is good to color the most noticeable parts of your hair first is because it will allow the hair dye to penetrate those areas longer than other areas.

3. Hire a Hair Technician for the Task

If you want to make sure your gray hair will look good after it is colored, you should consider allowing a professional hair technician to color your hair. A professional will be able to use a hair dye that is more potent than the ones sold in stores to the general public. He or she will also know when to remove the dye before it damages your hair. Although hair dyes sold in stores gives you time lengths to follow, a professional will know how long to leave the dye in based on your specific hair condition. Make an appointment for a professional technician to color your gray hair as soon as you are ready.