The Qualities Of A Great Stick Of Natural Deodorant

Deodorant is a very common part of life that we often don't even think about during our morning rituals. But unfortunately, many deodorants are made using ingredients that are bad for the body. For example, deodorant uses aluminum, which remains on your body all day. Fortunately, there are safer natural deodorants that are strong enough to effectively mask your smell while also being great on your skin.


Body odors result from bacteria that are on the surface of the skin and become more active when the body perspires. The best way to solve this problem is to kill the bacteria, treating the issue at its source. While there are harsh chemicals that are designed to kill bacteria, there are also fortunately gentle, natural ingredients that can effectively kill bacteria as well, such as lemon.

Deodorant That Is Comfortable

The best natural deodorants are those that glide on smoothly. This will make the deodorant both easier and more enjoyable to use. Pay attention to the ingredients that are used because you may have an experience that you did not expect. For instance, if the deodorant contains alcohol, you may experience a stinging sensation. Some deodorants might have a slight grit that can be enjoyable, but still surprising. Deodorants are not only supposed to make you smell good, but they are also supposed to be refreshing and make you feel better.

Deodorants That Absorb Sweat

Many natural deodorants come with starch, which causes the deodorant to absorb sweat. Deodorant should not prevent sweating because this bodily function is essential for preventing your body from overheating.

Deodorants That Effectively Mask Bad Odors

While there are many fragrances that can be used to mask terrible smells, one of the most common is lavender. This scent is relaxing in addition to helping to mask odors.

Deodorants That Do Not Leave Behind A White Residue

Some natural deodorants will leave behind a white residue. This may be annoying, but is a small, superficial cost for having a deodorant that works well and does not use harsh chemicals. However, there are also natural deodorants that are clear.

Dry Deodorants

Natural deodorants can vary in how wet they are. With wet deodorants, your armpits may look damp and this may show through. However, some of the more effective natural deodorants are wet. Some deodorants use vegetable powders and clay to absorb moisture so you feel more dry and comfortable.