How To Keep Your Skin Tight As You Reach 50

When you are in your 40s, your skin is relatively more youthful. This means that the skin is tight and supple. When you age, the skin begins to lose a lot of its fat pads underneath. This will cause loose skin that wrinkles over time. If you are getting closer to your 50s and finding that you are gaining more wrinkles around the eyes and your cheeks are not as plump, you may need to start treatments to retain the youthfulness in your skin. Here are three tips for keeping your skin tighter as you age. 

Invest in tightening therapies

Medical intervention is one of the best ways to get a handle on wrinkles. A treatment such as ultherapy will use ultrasound techniques in order to tighten up the skin on the face. If you are experiencing light sagging or if your crow's feet are spreading, this is the perfect time to invest in ultherapy. These treatments can get developing jowls under control and reduce the appearance of wrinkling anywhere on the skin. These treatments can be done on a monthly basis, depending on the current condition of your skin. 

Go all-collagen

Much of the time, your skin is in need of collagen. Collagen is what keeps the skin looking plump and smooth. If your skin is no longer as tight as it once was in your youth, it is collagen that you need. The collagen is what will bring your skin back to life by increasing its firm appearance. Find an anti-aging facial soap to use along with a lotion that features collagen as one ingredient. Before you apply the facial lotion, add a vitamin C serum to your skin to help smooth out any imperfections that cause the skin to look older, such as dark marks and liver spots. 

Stop all manual scrubbing

Your skin may need a manual scrubbing to remove dead skin but leave these to an as-needed basis. Manual scrubbing of the skin by your hands, hard facial scrubs, and facial brushes cause the skin to be pulled down. This can exacerbate any wrinkling issues. Chemical peels by an esthetician or at home can help to get all of the dead skin off of your current skin layer and will not pull down your skin. Instituting a hands-off approach when it comes to your skin will help keep your skin healthy and stop any pulling or rough handling that cause wrinkles. 

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