Three Things You Will Notice About Body Contouring Within Four Treatments

Body contouring is a process whereby fat is removed in one of three ways. It may be liposuctioned out, it may be frozen and destroyed via a process called coolsculpting, or it may be injected with a fat cell destroying chemical injected under the skin. For the most part, the first two procedures are used on the body, and the last procedure is currently only used in the U.S. for fat under the chin. However, if you opt for one of the first two procedures, you will notice something about body contouring within the first four treatments (and it will take at least three or four treatments to remove enough fat to get results). 

Much Less Dimpling of the Skin

Fat is a very lumpy substance. The body does not store fat in flat plates. It stores it in lumpy fat cells that easily show through your skin. The older you are, the more dimpling will appear because human skin becomes thinner with age. Yet, if you suck out the fat or freeze it until it is destroyed and the body flushes the dead cells out, there is far less dimpling than you had before you started treatments. Your skin will look much younger and smoother. 

More Skin Might Sag

The downside to body sculpting is that the removal of fat results in more loose skin. The older you are, the less collagen your body produces, and your skin needs that collagen to spring back from surgeries and other procedures. When there is not enough collagen present, the fat-reduced skin folds and hangs. Thankfully, you can have your plastic surgeon excise the excess flesh from your body and stitch the open ends of skin together for a flatter, firmer look. 

Everything Is Not Quite So Jiggly

Fat jiggles. That is a fact. It is not firm tissue, nor does it have the solidness of muscle. Fat is the reason Old St. Nick's belly shook like a bowl full of jelly, but removing that fat makes one far less jiggly. If you are definitely game for jiggling less when you laugh, walk, move, etc.., then a body sculpting procedure is the right way to go. Ask your plastic surgeon how to get the best effects by combining different body sculpting procedures. He or she will walk you through the process of the treatment plan that he/she thinks will work best for you. 

For more information, contact a body contouring service in your area.