4 Natural Hair Restoration Treatments

Hair loss can affect men and women. It can be brought on by stress, but some hair loss is caused by simple genetics. Luckily, there are steps you can take to halt and even reverse hair loss. Here are four natural hair restoration treatments that can help you regrow the hair that you've lost:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often praised for its nutritional benefits since it's full of healthy saturated fats. However, these same attributes make coconut oil great for your hair. Coconut oil can nourish dry, brittle hair. Dry hair can exacerbate a preexisting hair loss condition since hair is more fragile when it's dry. Coconut oil will restore your hair's natural moisture while helping to seal your hair cuticles. For maximum benefit, apply coconut oil to your hair, concentrating on your scalp. Allow the coconut oil to rest on your head for up to an hour before washing it out.

2. Biotin Supplements

Certain health supplements can encourage hair growth. Biotin is a vitamin that your body uses to support its basic functions. Biotin can assist your body's natural production of keratin, which is the protein that forms your hair and nails. Biotin supplements are taken orally. By taking biotin twice a day, you can grow fuller, healthier hair. People who use biotin often notice that their hair is stronger and shinier as well. Biotin is natural and will not cause adverse side effects.

3. Scalp Massage

Your hair follicles are responsible for hair growth. People can experience hair loss when their follicles stop producing new hairs, which can happen if your hair follicles rest but don't restart their hair growth cycle. You can encourage your hair to grow naturally through scalp massages. Scalp massage uses gentle pressure to manually stimulate your hair follicles. Massage your scalp the next time you wash your hair or apply a nourishing hair treatment. You can self-administer a scalp massage or ask a friend or loved one to do it for you.

4. Essential Oil

Essential oils are prized for their medicinal value. These oils are extracted from medicinal herbs. Each essential oil can treat an array of health conditions. Lavender and peppermint can stimulate hair growth and promote scalp health. However, essential oils are highly concentrated, which means they can burn your skin when used improperly. Always dilute essential oils before applying them to your scalp. A few drops of lavender or peppermint oil in argan oil will make a natural hair restoration treatment that you can use daily.