How You Can Benefit From Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

The science of how laser hair removal is accomplished lies in your hair follicle. Your hair follicle is where the energy of the treatment for removal is absorbed. Laser light passes through your skin and travels down the hair follicle. The light heats up the follicle to a decisive temperature. This temperature destroys the hair but maintains your skin's wholeness at the same time. Your dermatologist uses advanced dual-wavelength and advanced high-speed lasers to achieve the successful removal of unwanted hair.

How Do The Lasers Really Work?

The lasers act as a vessel that discharges radiation heat energy to chosen parts of your body to remove pesky hairs. In this context, the language indicating use of radiation is unrelated to radioactive elements. So radiation in this instance is used only to explain the transfer of heat energy during your hair removal procedure. In the hair removal industry, radiation is not meant to alarm you in any way. It simply means energy transfer. You will not be receiving radiation treatment such as found in cancer radiation treatments.

The laser precisely targets and damages only the location of your unwanted hair. Your treatment is directed on the dark target melanin area of hair growth that is to be destroyed. You gain the result of hair removal without damaging your skin, which is a feat that's not achieved when you use a razor blade to remove unwanted hair.

Is The Hair Removal A Permanent Treatment Procedure?

No, the hair removal is not a permanent solution, but it delays hair growth for longer periods of time. The laser's energy damages the hair follicles, which are the tube-shaped sacs lying in your skin, and then delays future hair growth. It is the follicles that produce the hairs you want to go away. In order to prevent the quick return of hair growth in the areas that have been treated, you'll require multiple sessions of laser hair removal treatments along with maintenance treatments to slow down the regrowth of hair.

Best Time To Remove Unwanted Hair Growth

Winter months are the best time to start laser hair removal treatment. Your treatment professional will tell you that it's advantageous for you to obtain one treatment every 4 to 6 weeks during the winter months. Those hair removal treatments lead you into the approach of spring and summer months, and you'll be dealing with less hair to be removed in your treatment areas during spring and summer months.

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