Beyond Blonde: Other Balayage Looks To Explore

Picture a balayage hairstyle. Chances are, the image in your mind consists of blonde highlights that get fuller towards the bottom of the hair, right? Blonde highlights are a really common balayage option — maybe even the most common option. However, there are many other balayage looks that you may want to explore, too.

Bright-Colored Balayage

Have you ever wanted bright blue, green, or even red hair, but been turned off by the idea because you did not want to have your whole head of hair bleached and dyed? A colorful balayage is a good in-between option. You can just have some highlights and the ends of your hair colored. The majority of your hair can be left as-is. Choosing this route will mean your hair does not get as dry and brittle as it would if you were to have your whole head colored. Also, you won't get an obvious strip of natural color along your roots as your hair grows out. There will simply be more natural hair between your scalp and the colorful hair as your style ages.

Dark Balayage

If you have lighter hair already, then a blonde balayage may not be that obvious. But you may instead want to have a dark balayage. For this look, your stylist can work the darker color — a brown or darker blonde — into the ends of your hair, and gradually up towards your scalp. Your roots will still be your natural color, but the look will darken to the artificial color near the end. Your stylist can even use a demi-permanent color, which will wash out on its own after several washings. This is a good way to experiment with a darker color without fully committing, too!

Multi-Tone Balayage

Maybe you feel like your personality cannot be expressed in just two hair colors. If this is the case, then you might want to try a multi-tone balayage. Your stylist can choose any two or more colors, and then work them both into your hair as balayage highlights. You can do both colors sort of blended together, or you can do one color in the front and a different one in the back. Some people have had multi-tone balayage done for different events, like concerts or fesitvals, for example.

Blonde balayage is just one option. If you want to get more creative with your balayage look, talk to your stylist about these alternatives.