Good Oils To Include In A Custom Beard Oil

Having custom beard oil made gives you the flexibility to choose the oils that are included in your blend. You can select oils that are compatible with your skin type and those that are best known to enhance beard growth and quality. But what oils might those be? Here's a look at some of the best oils to consider including in your custom beard oil blend.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a good oil to use as the base of a beard oil. You could also call it a carrier oil when used in this manner. Jojoba oil is known for being compatible with the skin's natural oils. It absorbs into the skin well and won't cause breakouts. Jojoba oil should help make your beard look soft and smooth without making it look oily.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is another good carrier oil choice for your custom beard oil. It's lighter than jojoba oil, which makes it a good choice for those with naturally oily skin. If you want a beard oil that absorbs well but still feels rich, using a blend of jojoba and almond oils would work well.

Anise Essential Oil

Adding a small amount of anise essential oil to your custom beard oil is a good choice if you are acne-prone. This powerful essential oil can treat acne blemishes and help keep additional ones from forming in your beard area.

Clove Essential Oil

Do you groom your beard first thing in the morning? Including some clove essential oil in your custom beard oil blend is a good choice. The scent of cloves helps wake you up and energize you so that you're ready for the day.

Ginger Essential Oil

If you are prone to nausea or headaches, you might want to include some ginger essential oil in your beard oil. Its aroma helps alleviate headaches and nausea — so your beard oil gets to do double-duty!

Castor Oil

Have you ever had dandruff or dry skin in your beard? If so, castor oil could be a good addition to your beard oil. It helps penetrate the skin and reduce flakiness and dryness. It also gives your beard itself a nice, rich sheen.

Once you've designed your custom beard oil, all there is left to do is enjoy it. The best time to use it is often after a fresh shave or beard trim, but you can apply it anytime you want moisture and smoothness.

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