Why Balayage Is Great For First-Time Hair Color Clients

Have you always wanted to color your hair? If so, you might be wondering where to start. There are so many different options these days, from simple highlights to all-over color. No single hair color treatment is right for everyone. However, balayage does tend to be a good choice for those getting color for the first time. Here's why.

It is easy to do subtly.

Balayage can be dramatic, or it can be subtle. However, it is easier to make subtle than many other hair color options. The stylist can comb the color into your hair a little lower, or they can use a little less color. They can also blend it more gradually. These are all ways to make the color look less dramatic, which is often what you want when getting color for the first time. If after your first treatment you decide you want a more dramatic color, then your stylist can simply work in more balayage, put it a bit higher, or add a second color the next time around. In other words, with balayage, it is easier to start subtle and work your way up.

The color won't come into contact with your scalp.

When you get color in your hair for the first time, you may be worried about how your scalp will respond to the chemicals in the dye. Some people develop redness and irritation in response to the dye. This is far less of a concern with balayage. The color does not start until a few inches down the hair strands, so your stylist can easily keep the dye off your scalp. You won't have to be nearly as worried about a reaction. 

The color will grow out gradually.

Having your hair colored every few weeks is a big time and money commitment. When you're just starting to dye your hair, you may not want to jump into this commitment right away. With balayage, you don't have to make such a big commitment. Balayage continues to look nice as it grows out since the color is never up against your roots in the first place. You can go months between treatments, which is not always the case with traditional highlights and colors.

First-time hair color clients are often looking for a color option that starts subtle, is affordable and easy to maintain, and that is safe for their scalp and skin. Balayage fits the bill, so give it a try.