Helping Your Skin To Survive the Winter

4 Natural Hair Restoration Treatments

Hair loss can affect men and women. It can be brought on by stress, but some hair loss is caused by simple genetics. Luckily, there are steps you can take to halt and even reverse hair loss. Here are four natural hair restoration treatments that can help you regrow the hair that you've lost: 1. Coconut Oil Coconut oil is often praised for its nutritional benefits since it's full of healthy saturated fats. Read More 

Which Red Hair Dye Is Right For You?

What shade and type of red hair dye should you use? If you're ready to go red, take a look at the questions to ask before you choose a new hue. What is Your Personal Preference? Your hair makes a statement. If you aren't comfortable or proud of that statement—you need a change. Whether you prefer a light hue or a maroon-like dark shade, the red you choose should match your personal style. Read More 

Be Proud Of Long Hair With These Styling Tips

So many people love having long hair, but styling long hair can be quite difficult if you run out of ideas. Do you feel like you have run out of ideas? Do you want to get a lot more creative with your long hair? These styling tips will help you step outside of the box with new ideas that will have others saying, "Wow!" Experiment With a Side Pony Many people play up the back of the head, but they often don't pay attention to the side of the head. Read More 

Three Things You Will Notice About Body Contouring Within Four Treatments

Body contouring is a process whereby fat is removed in one of three ways. It may be liposuctioned out, it may be frozen and destroyed via a process called coolsculpting, or it may be injected with a fat cell destroying chemical injected under the skin. For the most part, the first two procedures are used on the body, and the last procedure is currently only used in the U.S. for fat under the chin. Read More 

The Many Services You Can Enjoy At The Salon With A Hairdresser

Want to do something different with your hair? You may feel like your hair is dried out, dull, and in need of some nourishment. No matter what you want to do with your hair, a professional hairdresser can make sure you leave the salon with hair that looks amazing. Most hairdressers offer such a decent variety of services. Deep Conditioning and Repair Treatments Many professional hairdressers offer deep conditioning and repair treatments that can protect your hair from damage while softening those strands, eliminating knots, and leaving your hair looking much shinier and smoother than it looked before. Read More